Six reasons why outsourcing your ground maintenance will benefit your business

  • Saving money on capital outlay costs
  • Step away from day-to-day staff management issues
  • Avoid any unexpected landscaping costs
  • You will receive the highest of standards
  • Reap the benefits of our existing networks

By creating and maintaining a landscape is an expensive exercise, by employing Horticultural Services to do your landscaping you will be reducing your capital outlay and save from our 100% tax deductible service.

Do you spend too much time and money managing grounds keeping staff?

Managing staff can be a tremendous strain on your business, but if you choose Horticultural Services then all staff issues will be dealt with results. Just think of all the money you could save.

Do you find yourself being hit with unexpected ground keeping costs?

Budgeting and landscaping can be complex, unplanned landscaping and garden maintenance can blow out you’re budget unexpectedly. If you hire Horticultural Services then this becomes a thing of the past, no more extra costs or budget blow outs, we will leave you with extra money and a smile on your face.

Are you concerned that what you will get isn’t what you wanted?

The difference between your expectations and the end result can be massive, but to stop this and leave you with piece of mind we will first agree on a plan of what to and not to expect. This ensures you will get what you want with a high standard while also keeping it within the budget and also making Horticultural Services accountable.

Do you worry that the initial standards will not be maintained?

Horticultural Services will make specific visits and have quality control reports. when completed the job we will let you know what is happening and what stage were at. You will have confidence with the progression of the job and that it complies with the original plans.
Your peace of mind and satisfaction is our number one priority.

Do you have to pay retail/market prices for landscaping supplies?

Take advantage of Horticultural Services’ discounts when buying in bulk from suppliers to keep your costs down. ultimately saving you money.